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- Hi Jackie. I passed!!! Delighted.Thanks so much for all your help!! Emma

-Hi Jackie.I passed the test :) Thank you so much for all the lessons. Janie

-Hi Jackie. I passed my test! So happy thanks so much for everything in a short amount of time. thanks Aoife :)

-Hi Jackie, just thought i wud let you know i passed my test. thanks very much for all your help. couldn't have done it without you. Michelle 

-Hi Jackie. I would really like to thank you very much for all of your advise and guidence as without you I wouldn't of had the confidence to sit my test and thanx to your amazing teaching skills I passed my test and I would highly recommend you Thank you Zara

With Jackie,I carried out the 12 EDT lessons and pre-test. Jackie was excellent from start to finish; clam, patient and very informative.Jackie provided training and preparation to such a high level, and thanks to that I passed the test first time. Highly recommended! Alan

 - Hi Jackie. Just to let you know I passed my test this morning! So delighted and thanks for all   your help! Jean

 - Passed the test Jackie! Couldn't have done it without the two sessions I did with you. 

  Over the moon! Thanks again Orna.

-Hi Jackie. I passed. Delighted. Thanks so much for your positive approach. You really helped with my  confidence. Mary Rose.

-I PASSSED. Thanks so much for the lessons on such short notice Jackie:) really really appreciate it Karen.

-Hi Jackie.Thank you so much for all the work you did helping me pass my test first time. I really appreciated your clam and collected approach to teaching and your friendly manner. I learned the skill of driving and gained great confidence in my ability to do it. I also really enjoyed my lessons which made it all great pleasure. Thanks Kate  

-PASSED!! Thanks a million Jackie for everything. Liam                         

-Hi Jackie.Test Passed. Delighted! Thanks for everything was a huge help. Padraig.                                            

-Just passed my test. I got Jackie from 4ward driving school to give me lessond, starting from scratch she taught me the basics and built up to a point were I was in no doubt I would pass my test. On the morning of the test we did a dry run before the test.Thanks Jackie for all your help. Crowan Lavelle.

-Thanks Jackie for all your wisdom and patience! 1st time pass!!!! Wohooo!!!! Fran

 -Hi Jackie, Thanks for helping me pass my driving test. Had no car of my own so usued Jackie's for practice and hired for the test. Thanks for alll your help and advise. Sean                                  

- Hey Jackie, I Passed thanks so much. I'm so happy xx. Ann Marie

 - "Are you nervous to start driving or just dread hill starts?" Jackie is the best instructor to be at your side. Jackie's excellent tuition made a huge positive change in my confidence. Thank you so much Jackie. I'm delighted to have passed the first time with your invaluable help and support. Ruth.


 -Thank you soooooo much Jackie. Couldn't have passed without all your help :) really appreciate it:) Nayla

 -Hi Jackie, I passed my test. I'm delighted. thanks for all your great help! Saoire                                                                                                                               

-Hi Jackie, Thank you for all your help. You are amazing teacher, I'll like to say a massive thank you for helping me pass the test and teaching me the essential driving skills. Thank you for your patience and kindness always. it is much appreciated. Kind regards Shafq.


 -Hi Jackie. Yes I passed! Only got two Faults. Thanks so much for all your Help.:) Suzanne.              

  - Thank you so much for helping me pass my test. You were a brilliant instructor. Ill recommend you to friends and family. Arron.                                                                                                         

 - Hi Jackie. I Passed :) got the reverse around the corner in one go. Thank you for all your help. Much appreciated. Ailish.


 -Hi Jackie, great news I passed!!! Delighted! Thank you so much for all your patience and your excellent teaching! I'm putting it all down to you!!. Aisling.

 - Hi Jackie,thanks so much for all your help. I'm over the moon today I passed my driving test first time! All down to your patience and brilliant teaching skill. Rachel


 -Hi Jackie, I passed today! I only got 4 faults, thanks a lot for the lesson. Niall 


 -Hi Jackie ,Texting to let you know I Passed my test!! Delighted with how everything went! Thanks for your help with everthing. Ceire


- Passed! Tx so much Jackie for your help and patience! gonna miss those drives. wound'nt have made it without you! Manuela


-My name is Zahra Al Nasser and student in Ireland. I passed the driving test from the first time. Surely, I could not have done it without Jackie's help and support. She is really really good instructor. Thanks again. 


 - Hi Jackie, Passed!  Delighted!  thank you so much for all the help .Ewa :)


- Hi Jackie, I passed my test! I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you soooo much! Chanel :)


 -Hi Jackie, Just finished my test and I Passed! Thanks so much for all your help :)


-Hi Jackie, I passed :) Only got 3 marks. I am so happy, thanks so much for the help

  Sophie :)


  -Hi Jackie just to let you know I passed!! Couldn't belive it!! Thanks so much for all your help. Jonathan.                     

  -Hi Jackie, Passed it :) thanks very much fot everything. I'll be recommending ya. Gerard.


  -Hiya Jackie, yes I passed! Thanks again for all the help :) Laura


 -Hi Jackie, I passed my test today. thank you so much for your help......Jincy


 -Thanks Jackie for helping Akula to pass her driving test.You are a brilliant instructor and will definitely recommend you to others. Meena


      - Jackie I passed !!!!! Woooo!!!! Tanks so much for all your help. Ava


  -Thanks for all the help Jackie, your lessons really helped me pass the test, would have failed without your help. Take care. Thanks Graham.


  -Hi, Passed :D from Sinead.


  -Hi Ya Jackie, Still on a high since passing my test in Finglas. You were a great help to me passing my test  I cannot recommend you highly enough.. I was so at ease with you when we were having lessons. Such a  different experience than the first course of lessons i had with another Driving School. The confidence you gave me was amazing. So a very big thank you from me and also my husband, who no longer is a nervous wreck when driving with me, he he. As they say in my native tongue, Salamat, (thank you). Dinty

-Hi Jackie. Had my driving test yesterday and PASSED. Thanks so much for all your help. Jessica 


-Hi Jackie. Nessa passed over the moon, tanks very much for al ur help and patience. Fiona and Family.


-Hi Jackie, I Passed! Thanks for all your help. Megan 

-Hi Jackie, Pasttt tanks so much Jackie, ill recommend you too others :-)) Niamh


- Hi Jackie, Michael here, I justed passed my test would not have done it without u, want to tank you very much for your help, will recommend you to my friends & family who have test coming up.

- Hi Jackie, I passed!! I cant belive it, thanks so much for all your help :).  Thanks so much again!!  Becky.

-Hi Jackie, Just to let you know I passed! Only got two marks for progression! Thanks for all your help, will definitely be recommending you! Thanks again. Maire.


- Passed my test first time - solely thanks to Jackie's lessons (had no car for practice). Absolutely could not have done it without Jackie's expertise and advise. Super teacher - a natural...calm, encouraging and knowledgeable ( a winning combination!). Thanks Jacqueline.


- Hi Jackie, Just to say you were a great help to me passing my test on the Finglas route. I could not recommend you more as a driving instructor and found that you put me at my easy immediately and durning the course of my lessons, my confidence grew and you got rid of all my bad driving habits. So just to say a big thanks as passed the test in Finglas first time and I was someone who never drove in Dublin before. You were a great help. Enda.


-Hi Jackie, I passed my test. Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I would have no hesitation recommending you to others. Joan


- Hi Jackie, I passed my driving test with flying colours :)  You trained me well and I passed at one of the toughest centres. Muhammad.


- Hi Jackie, Just wanted to let you know I passed. Thanks for pre-test. Grainne.


- Hi Jackie, all went well I passed with only 3 grade two marks. Adam.


- Jackie, Thanks a mill for message  and lesson on Monday, I passed the test so I'm really delighted!. Your advise was great. all the best Jenny.


- Hi Jackie, passed my test. Thanks for all your help. Aaron.


- Passed my driving Test. Thanks so much for all your help only got one grade 2 mark and one grade 1. Thanks again Hazel.   


-Hi Jackie, I passed my test! Thanks a million for your help. I'm delighted!!! Ciara.


-Hey there, I passed thank you very much for ur help!! Got 2 grades 2 no grade 1. Sarah.


-Thank you so much for all your help this morning it really paid off I passed so happy, thanks Caoimhe.


-Hi Jackie Thank you for your lessons. I Passed! Regards Yelena. 

- Passed my Test. Thanks.Grace.