Female Driving Instructor Dublin

     4ward driving school  

              Expert tuition at affordable prices

Driving Lesson

1 hr Driving Lesson  €35                             

2 x 1hr Driving Lesson  €65

5 x 1hr Driving Lessons €165 

12 x 1hr EDT Lessons €330 

6 x 1hr EDT Lessons €175

All the above Lessons you can purchase by Paypal.


Weekend and Evening sold out till June 2018. Have limited availablity Mon to Fri 9.00am to 2.00pm                                                                                                                       


You can also pay by cheque or cash at start of your Driving Lesson.

1x hr Driving Lesson €35

2x 1hr Driving Lesson €65 

5x 1hr Driving Lessons  €165   =€33 per hr 

8x 1hr Driving Lessons  €255   =€32 per hr

10x 1hr Driving Lessons €310  =€31 per hr

EDT Lessons

12 x 1hr EDT Driving Lessons Pre Paid €330 =€27.50 per hr

6 x 1 hr EDT Driving Lessons Pre Paid €175 =€29.10 per hr

12 x 1 hrs EDT Driving Lessons pay as you go €30 per 1 hr Lesson                                      

Pre Test Lessons 

1hr Pre Test €35 Or 2 hr Pre Test €65 

Car Hire for Driving Test, Plus 1 hr Practice Before Test,Pick up & Drop off from you home €100.

Will need to do driving assessment before I can offer car hire for your test.