Female Driving Instructor Dublin

     4ward driving school  

              Expert tuition at affordable prices

Driving Lesson

1 hr Driving Lesson  €35                             

2 x 1hr Driving Lesson  €65

5 x 1hr Driving Lessons €165 

12 x 1hr EDT Lessons €330 

6 x 1hr EDT Lessons €175

All the above Lessons you can purchase by Paypal.

Weekend and Evening sold out till Aug 2018.

Have limited availablity Mon to Fri.  9.30am-2.00pm.



You can also pay by cheque or cash at start of your Driving Lesson.

1x hr Driving Lesson €35

2x 1hr Driving Lesson €65 

5x 1hr Driving Lessons  €165   =€33 per hr 

8x 1hr Driving Lessons  €255   =€32 per hr

10x 1hr Driving Lessons €310  =€31 per hr

EDT Lessons

12 x 1hr EDT Driving Lessons Pre Paid €330 =€27.50 per hr

6 x 1 hr EDT Driving Lessons Pre Paid €175 =€29.10 per hr

12 x 1 hrs EDT Driving Lessons pay as you go €30 per 1 hr Lesson                                      

Pre Test Lessons 

1hr Pre Test €35 Or 2 hr Pre Test €65 

Car Hire for Driving Test, Plus 1 hr Practice Before Test,Pick up & Drop off from you home €100.

Will need to do driving assessment before I can offer car hire for your test.