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   Essential Driver Training, a compulsory course for all drivers with permits for category B vechicles, such as car and light van. EDT will help you to learn some of the most vital driving skills as well as improving your knowledge and understanding of road safery.

The EDT programe focues on habits, attitudes and skills.


Lesson 1: Car Controls & Safety

Lesson 2: Correct Position 1

Lesson 3: Changing Direction 1

Lesson 4: Progression Managememt

Lesson 5: Correct Position 2

Lesson 6: Anticipation & Reaction

Lesson 7: Sharing the Road

Lesson 8: Driving Safely Through Traffic

Lesson 9: Changing Direction 2

Lesson 10: Speed Management

Lesson 11: Driving Calmly

Lesson 12: Night Driving

For more information on EDT go to www.rsa.ie