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Essential Driver Training, a compulsory course for all drivers with Learner Permits for category B vechicles, such as car and light van. EDT will help you to learn some of the most vital driving skills as well as improving your knowledge and understanding of road safery. The EDT programme focues on Driving Habits, Attitudes and Skills.

The 12 Edt Lessons alone is not enough to make you a competent driver.You will need to practice as much as possible with your Sponsor using the skills you have learnt in one EDT lesson to prepare for the next EDT lesson. Your Sponsor supervises your driving practice between each EDT lesson. To get the most from your EDt lesson, you must practice, practice, practice and the best person to do this with is your Sponsor. Between EDT lessons allow time for practice and learning. This may involve further lessons with your ADI but must also include practice sessions with Sponsor or mixture of both. 

If you don't have a Sponsor to practice with your ADI can be your Sponsor.

For more information on EDT go to www.rsa.ie